About Us

The idea and project of josefinandfriends.com was first introduced in December 2015 by Maria. Due to the heavy business travel schedule, the project was put on hold until a year later. The concept is to showcase the creativities of the artists and to present unique items with fine quality for our customers.

The main products of josefinandfriends are from Maria’s own Batik Shops called Lucy’s Batik, which are located in the island of Bali. In addition, it also features other significant items created by her talented family and friends.

Since most of the products are individually handmade, the patterns, sizes and colors do not always resemble 100%. Especially, the patchwork items which mostly created from recycle fabrics, the patterns maybe different from those featured in the pictures. If you wish to see the exact patterns for the patchwork items before purchasing, please contact us by email, and will be pleased to send you detail pictures of the items.

Situated in the heart of Seminyak, where most fine shops are owned or managed by overseas designers and businessmen, Lucy’s Batik Bali was proudly established by Indonesian women, Maria and her sister, Lucy in 2007. At that time, Lucy had owned a successful business in Jakarta, Indonesia since 1997, while Maria had established her career in hotel industry in Tokyo, Honolulu and Bali, before becoming a part time communications consultant.

Before opening a shop in Bali, the sisters traveled to Japan, USA and Europe to attend various trade shows and exhibitions. With positive response from the overseas trips, they decided to open a shop in the island. The sisters determined to keep the originality of their products and to preserve Indonesian heritage, therefore, they hired local Balinese staff and select native artists across Java and Bali, according to the origin of the products, to create the art works.

The shop features a vast fashion and home design collections available for retail and wholesales. In 2004, with the success of shop, Maria opened another store in Seminyak Bali, while Lucy opened one in Kemang Village, Jakarta and another store in Ubud, Bali. Under the same flag, the sisters decided to separate the responsibility and management, in order to be more focus on the difference of customers’ needs in each establishment. With Lucy’s residency in Jakarta and her strong experience with the market, she manages the boutique in Jakarta and Ubud in Bali, while Maria takes care of two shops in Kuta area in Bali, including business inquiries and consignment with villas and five star hotels.